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Wednesday, February 18

Best Comment 4EVAH!!!!11!! (Thanks Glaven!!11!!)

Jenn needs ... to blog more often.

Where you been, sister?

Jenn needs wine that soothes the soul
Jenn needs a pagan festival
A brand new hot rod - hear it squeal!
O, just grow up, Jenn! Time to deal!
Jenn's true self might just be balking
But "Jenn" and "True Self" now ain't talking
Jenn needs, yes, more Godly buddies
To catch up on Theological Studies
Jenn: remember and recall
That Jenn needs Google most of all

Otherwise, how would Jenn know what Jenn Needs?


Xenia said...

Our Glaven--he is the bestest wordsmith ever. :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Whoa, sister! Commenting on a blog post that consists entirely of a comment I made on a blog post is in danger of putting my brainpan in some sort of time-traveling Lost-esque recursive loop. It's like future-me meeting up with past-me.

I am here, past-me, with this important warning for you: DON'T drink that expired milk last night! It's gonna give you indigestion!

O. heed my warning, Glaven-past!

Is anyone else's mind blown?