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Saturday, January 3

Sick, tired, and bored... And you know what that means!

I didn't get to the gym today because I'm sick! Yuck! I hate being sick. I am so achy!

So since I was bored I watched a bunch of lame movies and revamped my blog template. You know me, I like to change things when I am bored.

I am concerned that this has put me even farther behind on Laura and Chia's challenge. I only have 2 more days to get some weight off. Yikes!

I really hope that I am feeling better tomorrow so that I can get back to the gym.

On the job front I am putting in apps online. I still have plenty more to do but I feel that I have gotten a good start on it.

Other than that, I don't have much to say. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


MizFit said...

better this morning at all?

if NOT then be kind to yer bod and rest...as hard as it is.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I like the new template already even though I've barely looked at it because I am - don't read past here if LAME scares you! - still on dial-up at home and that party template took like 5 minutes to load, and that was after it was already in cache from previous visits!

So .., me likely quick-loading templates! I wish more blogs would keep that aspect in mind when choosing templates, because we lame foax have needs, too. It's just that the non-lame don't care about our needs. And that is SOOOO lame. So, therefore, they should care. QED.

That said, this Fall/Winter has been one of the worst for illnesses. The Hiesenberg household, for instance, had a very vomitous Thanksgiving - even the dog joined in on the fun ... at like 3 am ... in our bed. Right now, the Boy and Teh 'Bride are both upstairs with low-level coughs. Which are nothing compared to what came before: I had to take Teh 'Bride to the emergency room a few months back because she was so dehydrated and couldn't even keep water down. They had to hook her up intravenously. Then she got mad because, after all of that, she didn't lose any weight.

I'm starting to think she doesn't know the difference between flu and bulimia.

Feel better, sister! And good luck with your challenges.