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Sunday, April 5


Turn and face the strange

Sorry, I had to get that out.

Ok, first I want to thank all of you that follow my blog regularly. I really do appreciate you all.

Second, I have to ask you all to click this link ** and update your readers and blogrolls and so on because I am moving there ** at the end of the week. I will be (un)permanently* deleting this blog next weekend so hop to it ** everyone. Don't worry about my archives because I will be moving them to their new home ** on my new blog. **

Sorry if this is bothersome all but I just felt like I needed this change.** I explain everything in my first post over there. **

Happy Moving,
Love Jenn

*This link is to Glaven, who discovered the undelete button in blogger and brought it to everyones attention. We thank you.

**Have I linked to it enough yet?

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