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Wednesday, September 3

Another Day, Another 3 miler!

Did the Sansone 3 again today. I think I need a change for a couple of days though, I can only take so much of that giggle. I will have to dig through my workout video's tomorrow for some cardio. It may be time to bust out some Crunch Dance Party or Minna Lessig Emergency Workout. I have not done either of those in a while.

Finished up with The Firm Abs Sculpt. I had forgotten just how hard those Firm workouts are. Once upon a time I could do them with ease but these days I struggle through it.

The important part though is that I do it. I put that tape in and grab some light weights and my fanny lifter and commit to the time. I have done my workout 3 days in a row and I am still going strong.

Yeah Me!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Adrianna D'Angelo said...

Love reading your progress, Jenn. Time to get my ass in gear.

Laura said...

How do you like the Crunch Dance Party? I was considering buying that one.

Linda said...

Oh, I so know what you mean about Sansone's laugh...too too "inside joke with the girls" for me. However, I do like her walks. I have to really book to work up a sweat, but it works in the winter or when it's raining. I love the Biggest Loser workouts. I like #1 the best and then #3 with Bob. Then again I like me some Bob. I used to do Bob every day. You go, girl! I, too, am on a streak!

Xenia said...

You are the sweetest person ever! Thank you so much.

Great job, btw! I'm totally impressed.

Jenn N Butter said...

Adrianna: My ass feels so much better now that it's in gear. Pun intended.
You just had a baby girl! you will get there.

Laura: Depends on my mood. I honestly like Minna better but the crunch one really works up a sweat and isn't annoying like some.

Linda: I want those biggest loser video's so bad. I can't wait till I have a paycheck coming in again.

Xenia: I just tell it like it is. You are great and you should know it.

Love Ya'll,

MizFit said...


I may need to see if I can rent the dance party dvd

any idea if you can?
netflix? the b-buster?

amy said...

I may have to try a video!!!