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Thursday, September 25

Random Acts Of Busy!

Well some of you asked if I was able to get everything on my list done. So I will go through each item and let you know how it went!

1. Fill out the paperwork for the nanny job.
--Got that one done fairly quickly.
2. Go to the office store to fax it in.
--Didn't get this one done because I had to get the bosses signatures on a few of them.
3. Go to michigan works to ask about uniform assistance.
--Apparently they don't do that unless you are on welfare. (I have so many things I could say about this but I won't)
4. Purchase uniforms for biller/office worker job.
--I bought exactly one full uniform that I will have to wash every day until I get some extra money for another.
5. Pick up crickets for the leopard gecko at the pet store.
--Got her a dozen of the nasty little things...
6. Feed the Gecko
--... which she promptly gobbled up.
7. Laundry at the Laundry Mat.
8. Put away Laundry upon returning home.
--Not quite done. I ran out of time.
9. Change cloths and go use the trial gym membership I have been holding onto for weeks.
--Ran out of time for this one too.
10. Cook a fantabulous dinner for myself and my man.
--Ended up with pizza, but hey at least I did have to cook it.
11. Clean up the house and do the dishes.
--Picked up a bit but the dishes are still not done.
12. Get to bed early so that I will be well rested for my first day of my externship.
--Went to bed at 9:30 which is very early for me.

So that was my day yesterday.

This morning I woke up way too early, exercised, had a healthy breakfast, packed a healthy lunch, then sat around for an hour waiting till it was time to go to work and wishing that I could just go back to bed. Like I said, Way Too Early!

My day went pretty well. Everyone at my office is really nice and they where all very helpful. I spent most of my day alphabetizing faxes and files, then filing, then a little more alphabetizing, then lunch, followed by more alphabetizing and filing. So basically it was a good day because I didn't make any huge mistakes. How could I? A monkey could have done what I did today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more challenging. I am working front desk! Hopefully that won't require me to alphabetize or file. (I am not going to hold my breath though)

Well that is all for me tonight. I have an early morning wake up call and when I get done at the office I have to go be a nanny for a couple of hours. WooHoo! Thank God I have this weekend off.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


new*me said...

awww....you put the poem you left on my blog here!!! I love it!! It's the best place for it :) Clever girl. You did great accomplishing most of your list! I think "busy" suits you :)

new*me said...

Please stop by my blog today :) There is something waiting for you!

MizFit said...

how had I not noticed your GRATEFULNESS above before!


Shanna said...

Oh boy, I HATE filing too!! Ugh!

Good luck learning the front desk... thats always much more fun!